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WBFSH/FEI rankings

Today, the WBFSH Rankings are generally accepted as an essential ingredient of the sport and breeding industry. Both riders and breeders highly value the rankings as the standard for comparing the performance of both competitors and horses.

The final rankings for several previous years can be found by navigating with the buttons on the left.

The final rankings for 2013 are published, click here to go to the rankings.

NEW: For a more interactive access to horses and riders in the rankings, try these links:

Go directly to preliminary FEI rankings for showjumpers here.

Go directly to preliminary FEI rankings for dressage competitors here.

Go directly to preliminary FEI rankings for eventers here.

In 2013 the top-ranked individual horses of the FEI/WBFSH rankings were...
In 2013 the top-ranked individual horses of the FEI/WBFSH rankings were...
Dressage: Valegro (KWPN)
Dressage: Valegro (KWPN)
Jumping: Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois (SF)
Jumping: Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois (SF)
and in eventing: Nereo (CDE)
and in eventing: Nereo (CDE)

By September 6th 2013:
New smaller changes in the method of calculating the WBFSH/FEI rankings.

The FEI Dressage Committee has made a small adjustment in the allocation of points for dressage riders and horses in the rider rankings point system. As the WBFSH/FEI rankings are connected to this point system the change is also effective in those rankings.
The change in points is already effective in the FEI systems and the new monthly rankings will be presented in the new system already as per August 2013.

In the file below you will find the new rules regarding to this point system.
The new added item is the allocation of bonus points to riders and horses competing at the mentioned types of competitions (see page 3 in the middle).

It is a logical change, since what the FEI tries to do is to give horses/riders competing at higher levelled competitions extra bonus points.

In the old situation it might happen that a horse competing at the Olympics and achieved 80% in the Freestyle, gained the same amount of points as a horse which competed at a 3* event in a small country and also scored 80% in the freestyle. So by now competitions at the Olympics, continental championships, world cup finals and qualifiers and CDIO5*, CDI5* and CDIO3* competitions are rewarded with extra points.

For further questions regarding rankings, please refer to

General information on the rankings and how to update them

Maybe some horses are not counting for the right studbooks, but that can be changed by the respective studbook by filling in the below excel file and send it to

Danielle Arts will collect all the changes and send them to the FEI.

Do it as soon as possible and through the year when new horses with wrong data is found, so that the final rankings will be correct sooner and the correct horses are counting for the studbook rankings already during summer.
At least the studbooks must fill in the yellow columns for a correct change in the rankings and always fill the FEI number of the horse because that is the only identification of the horse for the FEI.
Even if studbooks want to change 1 horse only, they should fill the excel file, horses in separate emails are not updated, because otherwise it is too easy to loose track and miss horse corrections.
Hopefully the FEI will be able to make the changes within a month, so that rankings will give an increasingly more accurate picture of the current rankings during summer and autumn, but we cannot guarantee this.

A rankings statement from the Board as per April 15th 2011

FEI/WBFSH world rankings for horses and studbooks

From 2004 onwards the International Equestrian Federation, FEI, produces the world-rankings for horses and studbooks. WBFSH delivers the pedigree information of the horses involved, based on corrections from the member studbooks. Please see above the procedure for correcting pedigree data.

The starting date of the rankings is 1st October each year. During the first three months of the calendar year - October, November and December - the final results of the preceding year are published. From January onwards results of the running year are published and updated each month. Rankings are produced for the disciplines showjumping, dressage and eventing. Apart from the individual rankings of each discipline, the studbook rankings are produced.

FEI Rankings and the registered horses

Back in 2003 FEI sent an excel file with 6.843 horses to WBFSH, where 2.093 were registered as "unknown", so it was obvious that we needed the help of the studbooks to complete the pedigree information. This help is needed each year.
As this is a very comprehensive work, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the excel file coming from WBFSH and only to send in the missing/corrected information that has to do with your studbook's horses.

The WBFSH breeding guide

Because of the active web-rankings published during the year, the WBFSH breeding guide CD is no longer produced.