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How to update the horses in the rankings....

Please remember, that only studbooks can report changes to the horse information that form the basis of the WBFSH rankings. Find the procedure below.

Maybe some horses are not counting for the right studbooks, but that can be changed by the respective studbook by filling in the below excel file and send it to

The Department Breeding will collect all the changes and send them to the FEI.

Do it as soon as possible and through the year when new horses with wrong data is found, so that the final rankings will be correct sooner and the correct horses are counting for the studbook rankings already during summer.
At least the studbooks must fill in the yellow columns for a correct change in the rankings and always fill the FEI number of the horse because that is the only identification of the horse for the FEI.
Even if studbooks want to change 1 horse only, they should fill the excel file, horses in separate emails are not updated, because otherwise it is too easy to loose track and miss out on horse corrections.
Hopefully the FEI will be able to make the changes within a month, so that rankings will give an increasingly more accurate picture of the current rankings during summer and autumn, but we cannot guarantee this.