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RESPE - French Sanitarian Network for Horses

The RESPE, Réseau d'épidemio-surveillance en pathologie équine, means French Sanitarian Network for Horses. The director of the RESPE has proposed to the WBFSH to become associate member of the RESPE thereby receiving the European sanitarian information.

The Board of WBFSH has decided that the WBFSH should be an associate member of that network in order to increase the reach of this network, develop further cooperation between countries and increase knowledge of virus preparedness, where a diversity of equine infections are spreading etc. An application has therefore been sent to RESPE in November 2012.

One of the good things about this network is that it registers all equine contagious diseases and not just what the individual governments consider relevant for their country.

As soon as we have news about how to proceed and to actively be a part of this network, we will publish it here.

Visit the RESPE website and learn more about their work here – at the bottom of this page there is an English explanation.