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Background of CIGA

The WBFSH Standing Committee for Collaborative Implementation of Genomic Applications in Sport Horse Breeding (CIGA) was set up in 2017.

The primary aim is to foster and support information-sharing, collaboration, and cooperation among WBFSH member stud books in the areas of linear profiling, breeding evaluations, and genomic selection. An additional function is to provide the WBFSH Board with access to scientific expertise.

CIGA consists of:
  • Studbooks representatives: Chairman Emma Thorén Hellsten (SWB), Daniëlle Arts (KWPN), Anja Lüth (ZVCH), Alison Corbally (ISH), Ludwig Christmann (Hanoverian) and Wolfgang Schulze-Schleppinghoff (Oldenburg).

  • Representatives from board and executives: Chris Gould and Edward Kendall

  • Scientific representatives: Kathrin F. Stock (VIT, representative of the EAAP Horse commission), Anne Ricard (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) and Åsa Viklund (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU)

Need help?

If a WBFSH member studbook needs help or support to implement linear profiling, breeding evaluations or genomic selection, the CIGA can connect you with an expert.