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Minutes from General Assembly 2014

An email with link to the minutes has been sent to all members, associates, and all delegates at the annual meetings. See this news item and find the link and greetings from our Brazilian host.

d. 16-12-2014 - 14:59

Please find at this link to our common website:

the minutes and the appendix to the report from Department Development.


From the studbook office in Brazil that hosted the recent annual meetings we received this warm greeting:


“To the WBFSH members,


Firstly, we would like to thank you Mr. President and the other members of the Committee for the opportunity to host the General Assembly of our Federation.

We also thank the huge collaboration of Karina and Christina, once it would be impossible to make this event come true without them.

Above all we would like to thank all members that had believed in our Project and honored us with their presence, no matter how long the journey it was.

It was an excellent opportunity for us to take part of an event with a so selected group and so many interesting themes to discuss.

We have made our best efforts to receive you in the best way and hope to have satisfied your expectations.

We would like to remember that Brazil will be always with open arms to WBFSH friends and associated studbooks.

Hope to see you all in Austria 2015!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Team Brasileiro de Hipismo

Abcch – fone/fax: (11) 3672-2866

FACEBOOK: Abcc Hipismo”