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Second Day at the Annual Meetings

The second day at the WBFSH Annual Meetings 2014 is comprised of seminars, general assembly and an excursion

Max Becherer from Delta Horses.
d. 11-11-2014 - 14:25

The second day at the Annual Meetings started out with some interesting seminars. Luiz Rocco told the participants about the Brazilian Sport Horse Market which employs around 1 million people and generates 1 billion euros per year. Brazil undertakes 50 national and 10 international FEI shows in the three Olympic disciplines with an average of 350 horses in each show.

Prof. Marc P. Maserati Jr from Vitro Brasil Clonagem Animal is specialised in bovine and equine embryo transfer and clone production and explained the history of cloning which started long before the famous sheep Dolly was created in 1996. He stated a number of motivations for people to have their equines cloned and explained about the advantages in being able to preserve superior and valuable genetics.

Max Becherer from Delta Horses gave a presentation on the influence of digital technology in the horse world stating that at the time being we are not living in an era of changes, but experience a change of era. He picked at couple of points in the WBFSH strategic plan 2012-2016 and added his comments to how modern data systems could be implemented through pilot projects.

You will be able to most presentations in PDF files on this page HERE