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How to navigate the rankings

We have experienced a massive interest in the WBFSH rankings and have received several requests on how to navigate in the rankings

d. 10-11-2014 - 15:41

The WBFSH rankings have become very popular, and as more and more people use the rankings we have received more requests on how to navigate in the rankings. One of the questions which have been raised is "How is it possible to find a particular horse in the ranking when there is no search engine?"


In order to be able to search on a particular word (name, studbook, sire etc.) in the rankings you need to save the ranking on your computer as a PDF file and then open this document. Once you have opened the ranking as a PDF file, you can search on a particular word by clicking on the binoculars icon.


If you are looking for a specific horse, then enter the name of the horses in the search field, for example DADJAK TER PUTTENEN. In this specific case you can for example just enter the first name DADJAK. In the field below you will then see the search result "DADJAK TER PUTTENEN Gelding 295.....", and if you click on the result or your search, you will land on this particular horse in the rankings.


You can also use this search function to find all horses by a specific sire or all horses registered in a particular studbook.