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19 premium Hanoverian stallions

About 100 colts were listed in the catalogue for this year’s Hanoverian Stallions Licensing in Verden, Germany. 49 of them were licensed and 19 were proclaimed premium stallions. Legendary Londonderry was proclaimed Hanoverian Stallion of the Year

d. 26-10-2013 - 14:53

There is hardly a more classic arena for presenting stallions on hard surfaces than the triangle arena in Verden, Germany. It is a very intimate and has an unmistakable touch of tradition, and breeders, owners and spectators stand shoulder by shoulder as the young stallions are being presented.

At this year’s Stallion Licensing eleven dressage stallions were proclaimed premium stallions in a collection that was somewhat uneven. The collection of jumper stallions was more uniform, and eight stallions were proclaimed premium stallions.

Londonderry, the chestnut son of legendary Lauries Crusador xx, was proclaimed 2013 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year, and he obviously enjoyed the jubilation and applause in Niedersachsenhalle. The golden chestnut is one of the most important stallions in the Hanoverian breeding, carrying the valuable genes of his sire Lauries Crusador xx who only died four days before, at the age of 28. Londonderry’s breeder Klaus-Hermann Ehlen was happy to receive an oil painting of the artist Manfred Busemann and a well-endowed check.


Dressage premium stallions:
No 2 Stallion by Ampere/Weltruhm, bred by: Jan Siemsglüss, owner: Gestüt Nymphenburg
No 10: Stallion by Damsey/Worldly, bred and owned by: Leatherdale Farms
No 12: Stallione by Dancier/Weltmeyer, bred by: Georg Strübig, owner: Heinrich Gießelmann
No 19: Stallion by Desperados/Lanthan, bred by: Günther Vorwerk, owner: Brigitte Grünsfelder,
No 25: Stallion by Diamond Hit/Lauries Crusador xx, bred by: Stefanie Meyer, owner: Detlef Ruddat.
No 68. Stallion by Fidertanz/De Niro, bred and owned by: Burkhard Wahler
No 75: Stallion by Floriscount/Lauries Crusador xx, bred by: Erika Lütjen, owner: Dr. Hannjoerghereth,
No 80: Stallion by Fürst Nymphenburg/Londonderry, bred by: Dieter Kreyenhagen, owner: Carsten Johansen
No 85: Stallion by Fürstenball/Dacaprio, bred by: Hans-Heinrich Plate, owner: Dr. Kerstin Klieber
No 88: Stallione by Fürstenball/Wie Weltmeyer, bred by: Andreas Trompeter, owner: Gestüt W.M.
No 101: Stallion by St. Moritz Junior/ Blue Hors Don Schufro, bredand owned by: Joachim Wahlers, Reesum
Jumper premium stallions:
No 31: Stallion by Acorado/Stakkato, bred and owned by: Frank Johannsen
No 35: Stallion by Castino/Calido, bred and owned by: Eckard Kordes
No 36: Stallion by Canstakko/Contendro I, bred and owned by: Jörg-Jan Johannsen
No 43: Stallion by Diarado/Contendro I, bred and owned by: Heinrich Bremer Jun
No 49: Stallion by Lordanos/Acorado, bred by: Salvatore Basil, owner: Birgit Schröppel and Gerd Sosath
No 54: Stallion by Quaid/Stakkato, bred by: Heinz-Herbert Grube, owner: Eckhard Kordes
No 61: Stallion by Stolzenberg/Kolibri, bred and owned by: Christian Temme
No 63: Stallion by Stolzenberg/Montendro, bred by: Alfred Denneboom, owner: Thomas München