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52 licensed Hanoverian Stallions

It was a three-day-long festivity in Verden with breeders, riders and horse enthusiasts from all over the world celebrating the young Hanoverian stallions

d. 29-10-2012 - 05:34

87 two-and-a-half-year-olds were presented before the Licensing Committee which includes breeding manager Dr. Werner Schade, and 52 of them were licensed. The Hanoverian studbook does not proclaim champion stallions but exclusively premium stallion. 17 (10 dressage proscects and 7 show jumpers) were honoured as premium stallions. The Celle National State Stud purchased two premium stallions; one by Vivaldi/Donnerhall and one by Diamond Hit x Florestan I.

The collection displayed a great variety of performance pedigrees, all of them backed up by superb dam lines. Breeding manager Dr. Werner Schade said: "The dressage stallions exhibited extraordinary movement and modern types. The free running and free jumping was perfect. The show jumping stallions presented amazing jumping skills over the fences with a lot of scope."


Premium stallions:

Christ x Don Schufro (bred by Hans-Jürgen Hollmann)
Dancier x Rotspon (bred by Jan-Niclaas von Holten)
De Niro x Londonderry (bred by Anne Wester)
Diamond Hit x Florestan I (bred by Nicole Wanning)
Floriscount x Fürst Heinrich (bred by Helmut Vietor)
Fürst Grandios x Weltmeyer (bred by Karl lehing)
Fürstenreich x Rotspon (bred by Alfred Reimann)
Quando-Quando x Donnerhall (bred by Gabriele Berner)
Soliman de Hus x Fürst Heinrich (bred by Josef Bramlage)
Vivaldi x Donnerhall (bred by Hans-Heinrich Schnadt)
Canstakko x Singular Joter I (bred by Klaus-Heinrich Brinkmann)
Diarado x Contendro (bred by Klaus Jürgens)
Ludwig As x Lordanos (bred by Dietrich Tomforde)
Light On x Stakkato (bred by Heinz Schütte)
Monte Bellini x Silvio I (bred by Jörn Döscher)
Quidam’s Rubin x Voltaire (bred by Friedhelm Vehlber)
Stakkato x Wienerwald (bred by Barbara Keller)


Find the results of the licensing HERE.