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No sport horse without thoroughbred

Taking a look at the eventing breeder rankings, the horses in the first four places are three thoroughbreds and one thoroughbred-cross. Historically thoroughbreds have always been strong in eventing, favoured for their stamina and heart. This is also why thoroughbreds were frequently used to refine the warmblood, to produce the athletic modern horses that characterise the sport today, not just in eventing, but in jumping and dressage as well

Thoroughbreds in their traditional race sport.
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The Jockey Club is not a WBFSH studbook, as its aim is not to breed performance horses for the Olympic disciplines, but the influence and success of the thoroughbred in disciplines other than racing is far-reaching. 

The list of influential thoroughbred stallions that have left their mark on sport horse breeding to this day goes on, and listed here are just a few of the many important stallions.

Ladykiller XX (1961) (Sailing Light XX / Loaningdale XX) had a major influence on Holstein breeding and was a foundation sire of the L-line. Through his sons, like Landgraf I and Lord, he still appears in many pedigrees today.

Furioso XX (1939) (Precipitation XX / Son-In-Law XX) influenced both jumping and dressage breeding. Through his son Furioso II (SF)  he is found in the pedigree of influential jumping sires like Quidam de Revel. Furiosos II is the grandsire of Florestan I, so contributing to the F-line in dressage breeding. 

Sacramento Song XX (1967) (Sicambre XX / Sayajirao XX) is another thoroughbred stallion that has shaped both dressage and jumping sport. His sons Sandro HOLST (1974) and Sympatico HOLST (1975) jumped the 1.60m and 1.50m classes respectively. Sandro is the grandsire of Sandro Hit OLDBG (1993) and creator of the S-line in dressage breeding. He has ranked amongst the top three in the WBFSH Dressage Sires since 2016.

Lauries Crusador XX (1985) (Welsh Pageant / High top XX) is another stallion that has significantly influenced dressage breeding. With sons such as Londonderry, Laurentio and Laudabilis, he is seen in many modern dressage pedigrees. 

Heraldik XX (1982) has proven to be versatile as a sire, having produced offspring that is highly successful in eventing and show jumping. He is the sire of Andreas Dibowski’s FRH Butts Avedon HANN (2003)

Other thoroughbred stallions that have contributed to the development of modern sport in the disciplines of jumping, dressage and eventing, are Cottage Son XX (1944), and Laudanum XX (1967), Rantzau XX (1946) (sire of Cor de la Bryere). The list goes on and a very interesting, recent article that goes into more depth is Thoroughbred Blood – is it still needed in 2019?