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Our studbook members know that before the opportunity to work in collaboration with the FEI presented itself, the WBFSH was in negotiations with the platform Hippomundo for a possible cooperation. Not due to any short-comings of Hippomundo, this cooperation did not succeed. 

d. 21-04-2017 - 09:32

However, subsequent to the WBFSH withdrawing from further negotiations – no written agreements had been made – an open letter from Hippomundo to the studbooks caused concern and confusion.


The WBFSH wants to reassure the studbooks that one of its major concerns is the protection of the studbooks and their data. Legal counsel specialising in data protection is being sought to ensure adequate precautions are taken.

Further to this, it is important to bear in mind that the FEI & WBFSH have entirely different goals. The FEI’s purpose is to promote international equestrian sport and the WBFSH focuses on breed improvement. 


A collaboration makes a profound and powerful statement about the mutual respect and recognition that the two leading organisations in breeding & equestrian sport have for each other. Breeding and sport are closely interrelated & dependent on each other. Without the breeders, there would be no equine athletes. Without the sport, the breeders do not strive for new heights in their breeding goals.


The WBFSH task force for the data exchange project is working closely with the FEI on developing a central database that will allow participating studbooks to access sports results This is the first stage of the developing project. But as the world is getting smaller it is not enough anymore to simply have breeding information correlated with sports results. Breeders and studbooks require more sophisticated implementations of data to keep abreast of modern breeding trends and developments. With this in mind, the WBFSH task force is also looking at working more closely with some of its member studbooks’ specialists to develop useful tools. Since this is a major project and care and time must be taken to develop it properly and not take short-cuts, the WBFSH is aiming to have more news on progress as well as results as soon as is reasonably possible.