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UELN statement from the WBFSH

In the world-wide WHIRDEC cooperation meetings initiated by the WBFSH a common goal has been to maintain the UELN as the valid system of horse registration numbers. Please find below the WBFSH statement on UELN from March 2017.

The breedsire, Lando bred in Denmark and now primarily active in France, but licensed for many studbooks, is one of those horses that could have numerous registration numbers throughout the world, unless the studbooks and NF's use the UELN. The photo is from 2002 with Otto Becker in the saddle.
d. 20-04-2017 - 14:24

Go to WBFSH statement on the Universal Equine Life Number, UELN.


Find more information on the UELN here.


Is your studbook not already a part of the WHIRDEC work group, you are welcome to contact Ms Bérengère Lacroix on