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Fischerrocana earned breeder Glotz a new Rolex

The eventing horse Fischerrocana has put her breeder Mirko Glotz in first place on the Rolex/WBFSH Breeders Ranking 2017 which earned him a beautiful Rolex watch as an everlasting memory of this unique achievement

d. 10-12-2017 - 16:16

Michael Jung knows how to discover talented horses and how to turn them into superstars. Since 2011 he has the DSP-bred mare Fischerrocana in his stables, progressively developing her career, which has resulted in her breeder heading the eventing leader- board once again (the first time being in 2015). 


Mirko Glotz is a special breeder. First of all, he breeds with just two mares. The second interesting fact that sets him apart from other breeders is that he leased the dam, Rose II, for only a few years and bred three full sisters. At one point, Michael Jung had two of the three sisters in his yard.


Who is Mirko Glotz: “We started breeding horses in 1995. We never had many mares for breeding; at the moment we have only two, and the highest number has been four. We have been breeding eventing horses both deliberately and by accident because we have used Thoroughbreds. So we had already thought about producing eventing horses. Fischerrocana had a lot of blood in her type and it was almost a natural direction that she found her way as an eventing horse. I like Thoroughbreds because they bring hardness into the horses and healthy joints. That is nowadays very important because everybody wants good X-rays for their horses.

“Ituango xx (Acatenango xx - Iringa xx x Lagunas xx, bred by Stiftung Gestüt Fahrhof) was very light in type and he wasn’t so big, which was good because the mare was already quite big. He had a very uncomplicated character which is what I also see with his offspring. Rose also produced a dressage horse, but I wasn’t the breeder because I only leased Rose for three years. She stood in my area and I told the owner that I would like to lease her. I felt more for her character than model because she was not that pretty. In fact, Fischerrocana was a completely different type than her mother. As a foal she was already something special. Her character was very special, she could read and write and was very alert. She stayed with us until she was four years old, and was always very uncomplicated as a young horse. She started her career as a jumping horse. As a five-year-old she went to Julia Schmidt and that was where Michel Jung discovered her. Julia Schmidt gave Fischerrocana her start in the eventing sport.
“I still breed with this line at home. I have offspring from Fischerrocana’s full sister. Unfortunately I don’t know what happened with the second full sister that Michel Jung had in this stable.” 

One of Fischerrocana’s sister’s offspring is Quadrocana (Quadrofino), born in 2013, who has had good results at the State Championships for young eventing horses. Quadrocana is now in the stables of Julia Schmidt so, who knows, perhaps she will also become a future champion for Michael Jung?