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Sponsors of the General Assembly and seminars 2013

Below please find presentations of the sponsors of the annual meetings in Warsaw, Poland 2013.


The Agricultural Property Agency (Agencja Nieruchomosci Rolnych - ANR) is a state institution and successor to the Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury (AWRSP), which had operated for 12 years beginning from its establishment in 1991.

The ANR performs its activity on the basis of two legal acts: The Act on the Management of Agricultural Real Estate of the State Treasury of October 19, 1991 and the Act on the Formation of Agricultural System of April 11, 2003. The agricultural property taken over by ANR mainly from closed down State Farming Enterprises and the State Fund of Farming Land became the Agricultural Property Stock of the State Treasury comprising 4.74 million hectares of land.

The Agricultural Property Agency deals not only with farming land. It offers also attractive lots for investment, housing and recreational purposes, as well as historical sites. Nearly two-thirds of the total of approx. 100 000 ha of these areas are located within towns and special economic zones. Such lots are aimed for housing, industry, commerce and services, as well as sport and recreation. In addition to their attractive locations they have an asset of an established legal status and clearly formulated procedures of their purchase.

According to the law, ANR may also support branches of local government by providing land to them free of charge and grunting irreclaimable financial support.

Beginning from year 2004, the Agency has annually returned to the state budget the amount resulting from the difference between the income from the management of the Property Stock during the fiscal year and the spendings on the implementation of the Agency's statutory duties. From 2005 to 31 October, 2012, The ANR has paid to the budget over 8.3 billion PLN. In addition to that, it has regularly contributed the Compensation Fund for persons displaced due to shifted border of Poland after World War II. Nearly 2.94 billion PLN was paid by the ANR for that purpose from 2006 until 31 October 2012. So far, a total contribution of the ANR to the state budget amounted to almost 11.3 billion PLN.

In addition to all the above the Agency performs supervision over 46 companies that are of crucial importance for the national economy. Due to the leading direction of breeding and type of conducted breeding activity they can be divided into two groups: plant production companies (8) and animal breeding companies (38). The other group includes 20 companies dealing with domestic stock as well as 18 horse studs and stallion depots. Those companies perform both creative and conservation breeding and they collect the most valuable genetic material of those plants and animals which have a decisive role for biological progress. The existence of such repository contributes to stability of prices for media of progress on the domestic market and secures the needs of Polish farming in case of occurrence of unfavourable phenomena on international scale.

The mission of national breeding of horses involves primarily procurement and maintaining of the necessary genetic material for the main breeds, promotion of progress in breeding and implementation of new technologies (e.g. insemination or transplantation of embryos).
18 following studs endeavour conservation of the most important Polish horse breeds:
  • Thoroughbreds: Golejewko State Stud, Krasne State Stud, Iwno State Stud; in 2011, Kozienice State Stud was removed from the list of companies crucial for horse breeding.

  • Arabian horses: Bialka Stallion Depot, Janów Podlaski State Stud and Michalów State Stud; the point has not changed since 1998

  • Malopolska horses: Janów Podlaski State Stud, Prudnik State Stud, Walewice State Stud; in 2011, Ochaby State Stud was removed from the list of companies crucial for horse breeding,

  • Wielkopolska and Polish halfbred horses: Dobrzyniewo State Stud, Liski State Stud, Nowielice State Stud, Pepowo State Stud, Racot State Stud, Rzeczna State Stud.

  • Silesian horses: Ksiaz Stallion Depot

  • Polish coldblood horses: Nowe Jankowice State Stud

  • Hucul horses: Gladyszów State Stud

  • Polish koniks: Dobrzyniewo State Stud, Sieraków Stallion Depot, Kobylniki State Stud.

Polish studs farms are members of the European State Studs Association (ESSA), which was established a few years ago upon the initiative of France. Poland is one of the Founding Members and takes active part in ESSA work. The 3rd General Assembly of the ESSA in 2007 was held in Janów Podlaski. Poland is the Member with the highest number of state-owned horse breeding units and it is considered the organisational model to follow in this respect.

In Poland, we pride ourselves on our Arabian horses. This breed constitutes the national heritage. It is the strongest and the most renowned trademark in the world. The annual Arabian Horse Days “Pride of Poland” in Janów Podlaski Stud attract Arabian horses lovers and buyers from all over the world and some of them do not hesitate to pay tremendous sums for a desired horse.
MTP – the leader of Polish exhibition industry

We are a place of international meetings of people thinking about the future

Poznan International Fair (Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie) is the leader of Polish exhibition industry. It constitutes 60% of the Polish exhibition industry and it was the first organizer of fairs in Central and Eastern Europe. MTP belongs to the organization gathering leaders of the exhibition industry from the whole world (UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry and Centrex – International Exhibition Statistics Union).

In 2012 almost 11 thousand exhibitors and 3 thousand foreign guests participated in more than 80 exhibition events organized in MTP.
In 2012 the exhibition events were visited by more than 505 thousand people including foreign visitors from 82 countries. Assuming that the visitors of MTP, on average, get 5 business contacts each, we can assess that in 2012 MTP provided their visitors with more than 5 million business contacts.

MTP has its representative offices all over the world where customers can obtain comprehensive information about the offer of Poznan International Fair.

Poznan International Fair has the largest exhibition and conference infrastructure in Poland – 16 high-quality, spacious and air-conditioned halls (more than 110 thousand square meters in the exhibition halls and 35 thousand square meters of open space) and 81 modern conference rooms.

Poznan Congress Center situated in MTP is the biggest conference facility in Poland and a place of numerous prestigious meetings. In December 2008 it hosted United Nations Climate Change Conference COP14 in which more than 12 thousand people from 189 countries participated. The top organizational quality of MTP was appreciated by the UN officials, Polish government and the participants of the event. At the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 we hosted also participants of the 32nd European Meeting of Youth Taizé which was visited by 30 thousand people from 50 countries.

In 2012 Poznan Congress Center opened one of the most modernized and biggest conference and congress halls in Poland. The Earth Hall will have a capacity of 2000, and is fitted with top quality multimedia equipment enabling to organize concerts of famous music stars as well as business events.

Poznan International Fair is a winner of numerous awards among which can be found such prestigious titles like Ambassador of Polish Economy, President's Economic Award, Teraz Polska (Poland Now), Brand Certificate, Budowniczy Polskiego Sportu (Builder of Polish Sports), Jan Kilinski Gold Medal and many others.

MTP are located on the former 15th Poznan Uhlans Regiment area and MPT proudly uphold the tradition of the place. MTP promote riding and Polish-bred horses. For several years show jumping competitions have been held on the MTP fairgrounds.

Since 2010, under the brand name CAVALIADA – the most prestigious horse riding event in this part of Europe – International Indoor Jumping Competition CSI3* organized by Poznan International Fair (Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie) has taken place.

To the subject of horses there is also the National Breeding Animals Exhibition related, which this year took place for the 25th time, and during which horse breeds from Poland are assessed.